Our features

Since we own forging equipment and built up an integrated production system, we are good at high-mix and low-volume production, which is generally difficult to deal with.
We can promptly respond to any customers request.

Forged steel valves

We have an in-house integrated production system from forging to finished products and the monthly production capacity is 30,000 pieces.

Forged Products

Based on a maximum weight of up to 80 kg, we can manufacture complex rods and small rods with a monthly production capacity of 1000 tons.

Delivery Place

The Main Delivery Place of the Forged steel Valve

petroleum refinery, petrochemical industry, the electric power, gas and the atomic energy, the clean center, the plant manufacturer, the business company and others

The main exporting countries of the forged steel valves

Asia China,Korea,Taiwan
South East Asia Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,Thai,Pakistan,Bangladesh,India,Sri Lanka,Myanmar
Middle East Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Turkey,Kuwait,Abu Dhabi,United Arab- Emirates
Central and South America Colombia,Mexico,Brazil,Ecuador,Venezuela,Peru
Oceania Australia
Europe Russia,CIS,Germany
North America Canada,U.S.A.
Africa Egypt,South Africa,Algeria,Nigeria

The main delivery place of the forged products

Manufacturing companies such as automibile, civil construction machine, the industrial machine, the machine tools and so on.